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      Cooling Method
      time:2018-05-09 09:19:46

      1.he cooling method was designed per technical specifications of the electric motors, meet the requirements of operation.

      Under normal operation conditions, if the electric motors exceed temperature limit, the professional personnel must check the cooling system and see if there is too much dirt on the surface that blocks the wind path and if the ambient temperature is exceed the limit(40℃) etc. It must be removed when any of these impact factors occur and improve the conditions.

      2.YE2 and its derived series adopt cooling method IC411. High voltage electric motors adopt cooling method IC01, IC11, IC21, IC31orIC611.

      3. Technical data in the table of the catalog all are design data, only for reference of supply products, not for examination criteria. The corresponding examination criteria must be adopted when examining the product under different technical conditions.

      4. As a result of national and international technology improvements and standards' modification, We have the right to modify the technical data and dimensions without prior notice.

      Example of cooling mode:

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